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May 29, 2009

Bad News

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I have a bad news from Bali car rental, my only one monthly website is now gone from search engine. It’s all because of the MF craker, they make something like spyware and destroyed my Bali car rental wordpress website. Now google kick my ass and my website is gone. What can I do? Nothing I thing but waiting. cached from google is stuck, nothing I can do, I need some help, but, any body can help me?
I feel so down, my heart is broke in pieces, sigh.. I realy hate them, Bali is very beauty and the terrorist bombed it, Bali Car rental is beauty too, and the cracker make it like a shit and useless. Oh my dog, please help me.


May 18, 2009

Bali and Porn

Still very busy with Bali car rental, because there are some problem with the website, and the position on search engine still on the page ten. I don’t know why it’s been so long. I think there are enough back link that I have for a while but it’s nothing change with the position. It’s getting suck, so I have a good idea about how to earn some money. I got the answer but it’s a little bit naughty. You know what? I’m thinking about making a porn website. because most of people in the world search for porn thing on the internet.

I think I’ll make some money for that porn website. So many SEO master do this too. They make some porn website to earn money. Why I don’t do the same thing? same shit different day. Hahahaha,.. that’s what they say. But when should I start? I need sometime to do that. because that’s a big deal. It’s a crime if I make a porn website in Indonesia. So, just make it secret and don’t tell anybody. Just you and me. Always the same, please help me to improve my Bali Car Rental website and visit this link,port.Bali car rental thanks.

May 10, 2009

Bali on Sunday

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Bali on sunday, sunday morning in Bali, so much time to spen, so I turned on my computer while my wife was sleeping. You know what? my Balinese wife is now pregnant, so much thing that she wants. Sucks, but I’m a good housband and I love my family, so I’ll do anything for them.
Back to the topic, this sunday morning, I’ve tried to work with my new site, which is

Bali car rental.

site. I’ve done every thing but the form. It’s almost done. About 20% thing need to do. It was cloudy on this Bali sunday morning, but my spirit is enough to continue my work. Very busy with my work, I forgot to check my website position on Google. And a litle susrprise for me, Bali Car Rental site now on the &th page. Cool ya? I like it, it’s look like everything I did is not useless. But on the 7th page is not enough, every body want to be top ten.It is so ong way for me to get that.
Very nice sunday right? Now, I need to work wit the form, because I promised my client to finish it on Tuesday, enough time to work, but I don’t want to be lazy. I have to done Bali car rental. site as soon as possible. Just the same like before, visit my Bali Car Rental site or comment on it, will be very useful. Thank you.

May 7, 2009

Bali Car Rental Spam

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I’ve just checked my blog, this blog, Bali Car Rental’s blog and I saw somany spam comment on it. I don’t know why, but it’s seem like track back or ping back, something like that. So, I will delete them for secure, I don’t want my Bali Car Rental site, get down because of it.

Info for today, my Bali car rental site now on page number 8 on Google, not a good position but better than before. I have to fix my Bali Car rental site as soon as possible because so much thing is not work. Like the booking form and request form. Some page on self drive car rental and with driver car rental is not working properly. I don’t want my Bali car rental site seen by other people on this condition. Because it’s not profesional at all. So, the next job is fixing the website before continuing to get some backlink.

Position review will be posted at least once in two days. Just like before, dont forget to help us by visiting Thank You.

May 5, 2009

Surprise from Google

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Wow, my website, not Bali car rental website, got top ten, and the position is not change for a week. I think it is a good time, but the alexa rank is not good, Bali Car Rental don’t have alexa rank yet. It’s not good. The position of Bali Car Rental website is fell from page 10 to page 11. Uh… bad condition.

I hope this week, Bali Car Rental Site will got the good position because the website is almost ready. Not much thing to change. No more word to say because I’m not happy for this. Try harder and harder to get the position.

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