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January 8, 2010

Indonesia java international destination

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Indonesia java international destination is talking about some interesting place in Java. There are a lot of place to visit in Java, but the most interesting place to visit is Jogja. Beside Bali, Jogja is the most tourism place in Indonesia which has already known by the International tourists. Jogja has several culture and places to visit just like Bali. But both of them is not the same.
Jogja is more like the real Javanese culture. All the people in Jogja still respect their kingdom which called Keraton.

Tourism Destination
Jogja has several place to visit, such as; Keraton, Malioboro, Parangtritis and so much more places to visit. Keraton is a traditional kingdom which still exist untuill now. All the Jogja citizen still respecting their king and their culture so much. Malioboro is a street which is the center point of traditional market in Jogja. All traditional craft can be found at this place. Parangtritis is one of beautiful beach in Jogja, this the most famous beach in Jogja.


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