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December 10, 2009

New Dofollow Blog

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I don’t know why, blog in wordpress like this is really hard to get page rank. It makes me feel lazy to update this blog. Lazy doesn’t mean I stop blogging, no it is not. I have another blog that I’m going to update regularly. This blog is dofollow, so, when you leave a comment on this blog, that’s mean you have a free back link to your blog. Don’t worry, the comment is auto approve, so you can put anything for the name. But if your comment has no relation to the blog content, soon or later, I will delete it.

The page rank of the blog is 0, it is better than page rank unknown, maybe in the next month, my other blog will get a good page rank. Because like I said before, I will update it regularly with a good information, this blog maybe has a lot of personal thing that you don’t want to read, but the other blog will different. That blog will be filled with useful information, for me. I hope for you too.

Wanna see my blog? Ok, this is the url: Feel free to leave a comment or subscribe it.


August 11, 2009

Arya Wiradana Seo Test

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I’m really sorry, but it is nothing to do with Bali car rental. I want to make the rival of b4best blog, which is using the same keyword to fight. hte key word is I gusti putu Arya Wiradana and a specific keyword called wiradana, I want to know, how much keyword is best for google. I’ll put more I gusti putu arya wiradana and more wiradana on this blog. And let’s have a seen tomorrow. Is google like so much keyword or less. How many I gusti putu Arya Wiradana is it? Let me count, it is already 4 I gusti putu Arya Wiradana and now is five. On the other blog, I put 6 I gusti putu Arya Wiradana on the first post and and one full I gusti putu Arya Wiradana on the second post but alot of wiradana (specific keyword) on the second post. I just want to know, can it win? One post VS Two posts. One post with a bunch of keyword or two posts with less keyword.

Ok, the second step is Wiradana. Specific keyword. There are a lot of Wiradana out there. So, can I win for this keyword? Yes I can, Wiradana is not a nig keyword. I think tomorrow when you search Wiradana on Google, You’ll see this blog on the first place. I hope so. Ok Ithink it is already enough Wiradana on this post. No thing to do anymore with Wiradana. For you who read this, don’t waste your time. I’m Wiradana. see you tomorrow.

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