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August 11, 2009

Arya Wiradana Seo Test

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I’m really sorry, but it is nothing to do with Bali car rental. I want to make the rival of b4best blog, which is using the same keyword to fight. hte key word is I gusti putu Arya Wiradana and a specific keyword called wiradana, I want to know, how much keyword is best for google. I’ll put more I gusti putu arya wiradana and more wiradana on this blog. And let’s have a seen tomorrow. Is google like so much keyword or less. How many I gusti putu Arya Wiradana is it? Let me count, it is already 4 I gusti putu Arya Wiradana and now is five. On the other blog, I put 6 I gusti putu Arya Wiradana on the first post and and one full I gusti putu Arya Wiradana on the second post but alot of wiradana (specific keyword) on the second post. I just want to know, can it win? One post VS Two posts. One post with a bunch of keyword or two posts with less keyword.

Ok, the second step is Wiradana. Specific keyword. There are a lot of Wiradana out there. So, can I win for this keyword? Yes I can, Wiradana is not a nig keyword. I think tomorrow when you search Wiradana on Google, You’ll see this blog on the first place. I hope so. Ok Ithink it is already enough Wiradana on this post. No thing to do anymore with Wiradana. For you who read this, don’t waste your time. I’m Wiradana. see you tomorrow.


July 27, 2009

Bali car rental and Sulumits retsambew

bali-car-rental-sulumits-retsambewI think i don’t tell you yet about my Bali car rental website, it was a website that I build for a Balinese man,  but now it is not. We cut the contract and now is mine. After a month being nowhere on Google, now its got the first page event not the top one. It is now number six for keyword Bali car rental and number eight for keyword Bali car hire. I feel good but not satisfied yet. I have to work hard to be the top one. My first goal was to be the top ten, but now I have to be the top one. By the way, now my Bali car rental website is for sale, if there anybody want to by it, I sale it for 10 million rupiah. or 8 million without maintain. And if you get somebody who to buy it, I’ll give you 10%. Nice ya?

Ok, just like the title, Bali car rental and sulumits retsambew, anyone know? Bali car rental of course my keyword for my website and sulumits retsambew is another keyword to support a Balinese or Indonesian people who is really be nice to donate all of their winning money to all the unprofitable organization. So, I think I have to put a backlink for their good behavior. For all of you who want to support the just simply copy this code to your blog or website. <a href=””>sulumits retsambew</a>

Let’s help each other. Ok, that’s all what I have to say for know. See you on the next post which is will be bored and not intersting to read like all of my old post. Hehehehe.. bye..

July 8, 2009

Dancing Dancing Dancing

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bali danceDances in Bali are very popular of the world. Almost all country on the earthknow that Bali has great dance and dancer. But now, that is not what I’m going t talk about. This is about my website, my Bali Car Rental website always dance like balinese people do. I don’t like it, I have to find more backlik to make it come up to the first page. The first thing that I have to do is make this blog work. Because it’s gonna be a good backlink too.

Now, my webiste is on the page number nine of google, it was on the page number three, it sucks, but it is normal on Google. Sometime you up and somtime you get down. When I got up, that’s ean I get the money. I need much money for my baby and my family. It is only two month left to get the first page, if not, I’m gonna die, because I need some money for birthing. My lovely son will see the world soon. I don’t want they come and see me without money. Hehehehe.. I’m a bad guy but I’m a good father.

June 9, 2009

Get out from Google SandBox

Last time I feel really down when my website was gone from Google search list. I left my Bali car rentals Site and never thought about it anymore about two week. I felt really bad because nothing to do to get out from sandBox. SandBox? What is that, somebody said that sandBox is a condition when your website is gone from search engine specially Google listing. You will know how it’s feel when you get down to the sandBox. I ask so many people on the Internet, read view Blog and search the answer on Google but nobody has the answer. Finally I decided to ask the answer to Google Forum. Do you know what I got from the forum? There are nothing called SandBox, I really disappointed to hear the answer, I thought all of them are a smart ass guys who never feel that hot hell place called sandbox. But I was not stopped, I keep finding the answer until somebody told me the problem is in your website. Yes, I had some problem with my website before, there are some error because of spy ware who inject I frame script to my website. I feel really bad. Hearing that answer soon I fixed my website and just waiting, it was about two weeks I was waiting while finding more information about sandbox and what is wrong with my website and on the next week i found my website on the page 25, I felt so much better, He was right, the problem is on my website.

One thing that you have to remember is “Content is the king” like all SEO master said. Don’t ever blame anybody but your self. Because everything that happens with your website is all because of you. If you need any information about how to get out from sandbox, or don’t call it sandbox, just say how to come back to Google Search Listing, please visit Bali Web Design

June 3, 2009

Still gone From Google Search List(sandbox)

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It has been mire than a week may Bali Car Rental website has gone from google search list, bad day. i can’t sleep at night because thinking about it. It’s all because of the error thing. I hate this, it was happent when google crawled my site and now Google won’t crawl my site anymore. Bali Car Rental is realy hard keyword for me now, somebody called it sandbox, sandbox is a condition when google doesn’t list your site for your keyword. But some others said there is nothing such as snadbos, sandbox is a myth, your website will comes up soon after you fixing the problem. But I’ve already fixed the problem, but Google is very lazy to visit my website. If there are no improvement until tomorrow, I’ll clear my website and buy a new domain name, because http://balicarrentalsite is doesn’t work for me now.

After fixing the problem, I got an idea, I think it is better to use a static HTML website rather then WordPress if you don’t want to have any problem like me. Useless work for Bali Car Rental Site, but experience is the best teacher, that is what have in mind now. Ok, let’s forget about Bali Car Rental for today, and tomorrow will be my final decition.

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