Bali Car Rental

May 18, 2009

Bali and Porn

Still very busy with Bali car rental, because there are some problem with the website, and the position on search engine still on the page ten. I don’t know why it’s been so long. I think there are enough back link that I have for a while but it’s nothing change with the position. It’s getting suck, so I have a good idea about how to earn some money. I got the answer but it’s a little bit naughty. You know what? I’m thinking about making a porn website. because most of people in the world search for porn thing on the internet.

I think I’ll make some money for that porn website. So many SEO master do this too. They make some porn website to earn money. Why I don’t do the same thing? same shit different day. Hahahaha,.. that’s what they say. But when should I start? I need sometime to do that. because that’s a big deal. It’s a crime if I make a porn website in Indonesia. So, just make it secret and don’t tell anybody. Just you and me. Always the same, please help me to improve my Bali Car Rental website and visit this link,port.Bali car rental thanks.


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