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July 8, 2009

Dancing Dancing Dancing

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bali danceDances in Bali are very popular of the world. Almost all country on the earthknow that Bali has great dance and dancer. But now, that is not what I’m going t talk about. This is about my website, my Bali Car Rental website always dance like balinese people do. I don’t like it, I have to find more backlik to make it come up to the first page. The first thing that I have to do is make this blog work. Because it’s gonna be a good backlink too.

Now, my webiste is on the page number nine of google, it was on the page number three, it sucks, but it is normal on Google. Sometime you up and somtime you get down. When I got up, that’s ean I get the money. I need much money for my baby and my family. It is only two month left to get the first page, if not, I’m gonna die, because I need some money for birthing. My lovely son will see the world soon. I don’t want they come and see me without money. Hehehehe.. I’m a bad guy but I’m a good father.


April 27, 2009

Bali car rental Position Report

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After several days, the position of Bali car rental site has not changed yet, perhaps the contents of Bali car rental site has not been deemed sufficient by SE. Last time I checked, the position of Bali car rental site that I made, still have not entered the top 1000. Some when car rental website will occupy the top ten positions. I still continue to struggle and try to add content to Bali car rental site, hope to be positioned well on SE. Today I will add to transport rate for U.S. dollar and Euro.

Indeed, it is not everything I do to the Bali car rental site in case to be the top position, but after some of the things I’ve done, the results should be indicated, at least in the top 1000, but Bali car rental website is not in the position that I want .

Well, because according to the master, to take a website to the top position, just simply enter a post in one day, so I thought it was enough for the first time, your visit will be really helpful for web Bali car rental.

April 26, 2009

Bali Car Rental

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Welcome to Bali car rental, you trusted car rental partner in Bali. If you need a very quick registration car rental without any deposit at first, we are here to provide you the entire easy thing in car rental. Don’t worry about our car condition, because we promise you that the entire of our cars are in good condition. If you need a driver to take you to the most interesting place in Bali, our Balinese drivers know almost the entire most interesting place in Bali and they are able to speak in English. So you don’t need to worry about communication.

Car Rental Payment
We are able to receive all payment in Dollars, Indonesian rupiah, or Euro. Please remember, renting car in Bali car rental, no first deposit, so, it’s so easy to book a car with us.

Bali Car Rental

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