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May 2, 2009

Good morning Bali

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Wow.. finally, after all of these. I got the answer from google. my website, Bali car rental ( showed the position. Event it’s so far away as i want but I’m pretty happy to see the movement. The website of Bali car rental, now got the top 100 position. nice ya? But not really nice but nice. I have to work harder to make the content of Bali Car Rental Site Dot Com, because today is the deadline. I promised my client to finish the website today, and I hope I can finish the website today.

Beside that, both of my web design website that I maintain, still got their good position. They are on the top ten for the keyword right now. I afraid that wouldn’t for long, because last time, my website got their good position, and one day later, they kicked far to the page number five in Google. Very Unpredictable Google right? But, I’m never give up. SEO worker never give up. Because I have to earn much money to buy a car. Bali is a beautiful paradise island and very hot island. Without a car, you will burn like in the hell.


April 30, 2009

Bali is beauty

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After three days without internet, finally I come back to the network. The first thin that came up is a good news. Bali is always good and google is good to me now. I hope it’s all always good. the good news is, all of my website got their good place for their keyword. What a good news isn’t it? yes, it’s good for me. I know it’s nothing about Bali car rental bout I’m very happy, so I just want to share my happiness with you, and of course I will never forget to invite you to come to Bali, and if you need a car or bike to rent, remember, we are your best partner in car rental in Bali.

The other good news is, I’m married now. yesterday is the ceremony. nothing special about the ceremony, just a normal Balinese wedding ceremony, but for me, that was a special. so many cars from the invitation in front of my house, i have a Balinese house, so it’s quite big for the guest. So much happiness in Bali yesterday, I suggest you to come to Bali, take a car rental, and see with your own eyes, the real Balinese life. Bali car rental always ready here for you.

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