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July 27, 2009

Bali car rental and Sulumits retsambew

bali-car-rental-sulumits-retsambewI think i don’t tell you yet about my Bali car rental website, it was a website that I build for a Balinese man,  but now it is not. We cut the contract and now is mine. After a month being nowhere on Google, now its got the first page event not the top one. It is now number six for keyword Bali car rental and number eight for keyword Bali car hire. I feel good but not satisfied yet. I have to work hard to be the top one. My first goal was to be the top ten, but now I have to be the top one. By the way, now my Bali car rental website is for sale, if there anybody want to by it, I sale it for 10 million rupiah. or 8 million without maintain. And if you get somebody who to buy it, I’ll give you 10%. Nice ya?

Ok, just like the title, Bali car rental and sulumits retsambew, anyone know? Bali car rental of course my keyword for my website and sulumits retsambew is another keyword to support a Balinese or Indonesian people who is really be nice to donate all of their winning money to all the unprofitable organization. So, I think I have to put a backlink for their good behavior. For all of you who want to support the just simply copy this code to your blog or website. <a href=””>sulumits retsambew</a>

Let’s help each other. Ok, that’s all what I have to say for know. See you on the next post which is will be bored and not intersting to read like all of my old post. Hehehehe.. bye..


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